At Eco Campers we want you to enjoy your adventures in style, with the latest engineering technologies, comfortable ergonomic living spaces and state-of-the-art innovations that don’t cost the earth – literally.

There is nothing like the open road. Nothing like leaving behind the city for an adventure full of possibility – big skies, mountains, forest, wilderness, the sea. Taking off with everything you need right there with you in the rear-view mirror. No hotels required, no accommodation needed, no restaurants to book. Just you, your co-pilot(s), the dog and the road unravelling before you. There’s a special kind of happy in that.

Pioneers of the world's first generation of environmentally friendly campervans, we want everyone to tread lightly. We offer the world’s first fully hybrid and tribrid four-wheel drive vans that can go off-road to remote places with unrivalled fuel economy. We’ve got everything you need to make your adventure memorable, not to mention comfortable and economical too.

Off the beaten track

Our new hybrid and tribrid technology removes the need for gas or 240v hook-up, with power inside fully supplied. Charge up your devices, from iPads to laptops and smart phones with convenient USB points, and stay warm and snug with the optional space/night heating system.

Super-fast induction hobs for use inside or out with our special omni-slide cooking facility mean you can cook whatever the weather. And en-route cooking is possible too, with slow-cookers and soup makers providing a ready, home-cooked meal when you arrive at your special spot. Tea and coffee is a breeze or you can heat up something from home in the microwave.

The living space is generous with smartly configured interiors that magically adapt into comfortable sleeping spaces thanks to the Vari-Track bed – a wider-than-usual bed secured on rails, that can be safely positioned along the campervan to ensure plenty of boot to the back or leg room to the front. There are a myriad of intelligent storage solutions, modular furniture options, and of course panoramic windows front and side for plenty of light and stunning views.

Treading lightly

Our Eco Hybrid offers a fantastic 43mpg using Toyota's renowned Synergy Drive technology. The groundbreaking Eco Tribrid is the world’s first tri-power campervan offering the equivalent of 80mpg. Eco Campers introduces the latest in LPG (liquid petroleum gas, aka Autogas) technology to create safe and efficient natural gas power that works alongside the petrol and electric power options, offering the world’s most economical and green campervan. Unlike purely electric cars with restricted ranges, the Eco Tribrid can last over 1,000 miles without refuelling and provide extra power on motorways or in challenging environments.