We combine ergonomic design with economically efficient, environmentally friendly engineering – here’s how it works.

The Toyota Eco range has automatic four-wheel drive (4WD) as standard, allowing you to take your campervan places that others cannot dare. It switches from two to four-wheel drive depending on driving conditions. When driving normally on a road, only the front wheels are driven, giving maximum economy. But if you experience wheel slip or you want extra acceleration, then the four-wheel drive kicks in, switching off again when back to normal road or driving conditions. This seamless function allows you to drive safely and with confidence across a range of conditions, on or off-road.

Hybrid vehicles use electric motors to power the wheels when driving and recharge the battery when braking. Not only does this technology recycle otherwise lost energy, it uses less petrol and emits fewer gases and crucially, less carbon monoxide – so much better for the environment.

Our Eco Range also uses electric power in town, helping to keeping cities free from smog and pollution. The Tribrid, with its LPG option, is even greener, emitting fewer toxic gases than petrol or diesel. LPG, also known as Autogas, is not only cleaner, it is also currently half the price of the other two fuels, offering range and exceptional economy that outperforms any campervan on the market.

The Toyota Eco range has automatic four-wheel drive as standard allowing you to take your campervan places that others cannot go.

All combined, Eco Campers’ Hybrid and the Tribrid are not just the most versatile campervans on the market, but the most efficient and eco-friendly.

These pioneering vans offer supreme comfort, off-grid electric cooking, modular furniture and storage options, and unbeatable economy, all powered by engineering designed with the environment in mind.

Heating: toasty space heaters

As well as the on-board vehicle heating and aircon front and back, you can have an optional space and night heater fitted. These Webasto heaters are thermostatically controlled allowing for low cost and safe heating day or night. 



Cooking: superfast induction hob

All our campervans cook using hybrid battery power. This means there is no need for gas or gas appliances – cook instead on a superfast induction hob. The hybrid batteries charge themselves from the low-emissions petrol engine, which means safe, high-induction cooking. Instead of direct heat the induction hob creates an electro-magnetic field that heats the pan, not the hob. And handily, the hob slides out for cooking outdoors by your picnic table or inside when it’s cooler or dark. And for tea lovers, a pint of water can boil in around three minutes.


Sleeping: the Varitrak rock-and-roll bed

Our exclusive, fabulously comfortable bed offers a variable position track system. This unique technology allows you to move the ‘rock and roll’ bed from front to rear to allow for greater boot or front floor space, depending on your needs, and fast-release bolts are available at extra cost.


Sitting: the captain swivel seat

Swivel front seats turn the space in the middle into a communal living and dining space. Choose from one or both front seats being able to swivel, or with only the passengers seat swivelling, have extra long units (including a dry cupboard) or a toilet unit behind the drivers seat.