For those who care about the planet and are mindful of their carbon footprint, our hybrid and tribrid vans offer the cheapest and cleanest way to enjoy the campervan lifestyle

Our groundbreaking Eco Camper is unique, super efficient and free from government restrictions on conventional petrol and diesel vehicles. Not only can you ensure you do your bit for the planet by lowering carbon emissions, you will be saving considerable amounts of money you would otherwise be spending on fuel. There are two versions to choose from, the Hybrid and the world-beating eco-hero Tribrid model.

The Tribrid

This is our very own über-green version of the Eco Camper, which offers the economic and ecological benefits of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), also known as Autogas. This creates safe and efficient natural gas power that works alongside the petrol and electric power options.

Not only is LPG half the price of petrol (giving you the economic equivalent of 80 mpg), it emits a fraction of the toxins associated with petrol and diesel. It can extend your tank range to over 1,000 miles without refuelling and provide extra power on motorways or in challenging environments.

You won’t find a cleaner or cheaper campervan to run than the Tribrid Eco Camper. Offering exceptional range and economy, it out-performs any campervan on the market.

This four-berth, four wheel drive campervan with its unique Tribrid power train -  LPG, petrol and electric, gives the equivalent of 80mpg* and a range of over 1,000 miles on one tank of LPG and petrol**

from £30,995


  • Super low emissions

  • Endless electric power

  • Omni-slide induction hob and external table mount for outside cooking

  • Carefree table stow to rear door

  • No gas (safe and easy)

  • Recessed kitchen sink with deluxe automated tap

  • Optional toilet

  • Solid wood cutting board and worktop extending full length of kitchen area

  • Full-length overhead units with tambour doors and multi-functional storage options

  • Overhead LED lighting and spotlights to sides and roof

  • 28 litre water tank with external filler cap

  • Extra wide bed rock-and-roll bed (as wide as a double bed) with expanding upper-body sleeping area

  • Under bed storage

Fuel Statistics

* The equivalent mpg calculation for the Tribrid model is based on LPG being almost half the price of petrol (in January 2017 LPG was 59p/litre while petrol was £1.19/litre). We estimate that LPG achieves on average around 40mpg. By calculating that LPG is half the cost of petrol, it can be assumed that the equivalent cost of LPG to other petrol is 80mpg.
** Range is calculated on the basis of a 65 litre (14.3 gallons) tank of petrol giving 43mpg and a 45 (9.9 gallons) litre tank of LPG giving 40mpg. Hence the petrol engine offers 14.3 x 43 = 615 miles and the LPG gives 9.9 x 40 - 396 miles. Combine this gives 396 + 615 = 1,011 miles.